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nasril 8th November 2007 02:30

Replacing Windows 2003 Server with Linux
I want to change my windows 2003 server with Linux. What step by step procedure i must do ?

The new server should do the following job :
1. PDS.
2. Mail Server.
3. Proxy Server.
4. 'Exchange server".

Thx for u'r help.

womd 8th November 2007 18:57

... this quest will gain you 3000xp ;)
"I want to change my windows 2003 server with Linux. What step by step procedure i must do ?"

-> :D .. jahh that'S a good one .. .. if you start this .. then you'r in charge of everything to choose ..... what / how you want to use it .. everyone likes it different ...... also depending on which features of 2003server u use.

but to get something like 2003 you could try to implement:

1. PDS.
-> do you mean PDC/BDC ? ( Domain Controller NT-times)

-- isc-dhcpd ->
-- bind as your DNS
-- samba as your fileserver
-- LDAP / MYSQL for centralized authenticating of users


2. Mail Server.

- you could use exim ->

3. Proxy Server.


4. 'Exchange server".

-> what features of exchange do you use so exzessively that it's an extra point ?

there is a gpl alternative out there for everything ....

good luck

one thing for the way: using linux you first have to understand the concept .. then your set ... .. im also still trying ... but getting better ;)

falko 8th November 2007 20:18

Regarding he PDC, take a look here:

And in this category you can find some mail server tutorials:

sjau 8th November 2007 20:18


Originally Posted by womd
there is a gpl alternative out there for everything ....

I have to disagree here... there's not a gpl alternative for everything but for 99%... and there is no Windoze alternative also for some GPLed stuff ;)

nasril 13th November 2007 02:11

Thank's all.

Yes i mean PDC.

What is the best distro to used for server ... now my distro is mandriva 2007 free ..

sjau 13th November 2007 09:47

I prefer debian as server distro but ask 3 sys admins and you'll get 9 preferred distros ;)

maconulaff 14th November 2007 01:16

I'm with sjau - Debian for servers. I would have suggested eBox to meet most all his SBS needs, but they are moving to Ubuntu.... Not my choice for servers.

SME server offers much of the same functionality in an easy to install and configure package. Based on Centos, it is pretty rock solid.

Having moved several NT and W2K domains to linux, the real challenge is migrating the users with the appropriate permissions. The idealx scripts were decent for a Debian from scratch install, but with the pre-fabs like eBox and SME server, installing the scripts can break your install.

Visit for information on migrating Windows domains.

Zaher222 8th November 2012 05:30

Hi all,

I hope all had done their experiments Of migratingfrom Windows servers to Linux. I'm new to all this servers world and got my 1st assignment to do the following

All are Dell PowerEdge 2650 Servers

1) PDC (Domain Controller) *Windows 2003 Server
2) ISA Server 2004
3) Windows Terminal Server-1
4) Windows Terminal Server-2

I have to eliminate the windows servers and shift to Linux.. The desktop migration to Linux is already started and many D/T are now on Ubuntu 12.04*

I need to migrate/setup the servers

dipeshmehta 23rd November 2012 07:42

I prefer Ubuntu as Server OS.

For exchange alternative, I would suggest Zimbra.


wigglez 23rd November 2012 08:52

I really like my ubuntu vps. When I got it setup, it only used 40mb of memory.

My buddies centos used over 200mb. Maybe it's was just how they were installed, but it saves me more money ;)

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