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Berry 5th November 2007 23:20

Wrong steps by upgrading ISPC
Hello HowtoForge Crew!

Yesterday I got the time to upgrade my over a year old ISPC (that worked perfectly, thanks guys!!!) to the newest version. Unfortunately there were 2 "incidents".
My router hang in the middle of installation (remote installation) so I had to run the setup again and there I made a big mistake - I didn't delete dir with partially compiled/installed files, I run ./setup again. Fortunately, the DB has been left untouched.

I supose this way I've missed any upgradation of database and some files (I did custom translation to croatian language and this is still displayed in newest version as well). Now, what do you suggest me to do? What I'm probably missing and if something - should I rerun setup to do a proper upgrade (is there some value that states version that I should change so that setup recognizes what it has to do)?

Thanks alot in advance!

till 6th November 2007 10:25

If you login to ISPConfig, are all websites and user accounts still listed in the interface? Does the correct new version number show up under tools > software version?

Berry 6th November 2007 15:58

Yes, both. But during the installation I recieved error that says the database 'db_ispconfig' cannot be created, as the setup tried to make it again thinking it is a fresh install not an upgrade...

till 6th November 2007 16:11

If you see all sites and accounts in ISPConfig and the version number is fine too, then everything should work as it is.

Berry 6th November 2007 16:35

Thank You Till! I will keep an eye on the database if there is really everything in it...

erebus 6th November 2007 16:59

A good hint to protect these "remote installations/upgrade" from several network issues that may occur, is to run these procedures under 'screen'. I.e.


# screen

# ./setup

In this way, even if you loose the connection to your server, you can easily come back later and run:


# screen -r
There is a screen on:
        16337.pts-1.nemesis    (Attached)
There is no screen to be resumed.

Oops, the screen has remained attached (because we lost the connection). Let's detach it:


# screen -d
And resume it:


# screen -r
Now you should see your setup running again, where you left it.

Berry 6th November 2007 19:17

Erebus, thanks for your reply and addition!

Yes, I'm familiar with screen but unfortunately I didn't used it this time, didn't thought that a connection could brake... stupid me :o

Berry 9th November 2007 01:28

Here is one problem doh!

I created a new client and his website. It seems ISPC hasn't created entry into Vhosts because this site is missing there and the sites url takes to "Shared IP" page. What could/should I do?


till 9th November 2007 09:33


/etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart

and wait a few minutes. Is the vhost created now?

Berry 9th November 2007 18:17

No Till, unfortunately not...

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