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magicvwbus 3rd November 2007 22:12

RE: The Perfect Desktop
Regarding : The Perfect Desktop

I download the link from mandriva.. and begin to the install... on the first screen the tutorial shows a screen that I don't get.

I get a different, but very similar screen without those options. All it will do is boot from the CD.

Any Ideas :confused:


falko 4th November 2007 12:55

What options do you get?
Are you sure you downloaded the Mandriva 2008.0 DVD?

magicvwbus 5th November 2007 02:20

Thanks for the reply.

I don't get any options. If I press F3 I can make a couple of changes about how it boots, but that's it.

No it's not the DVD. I use the link given in the tutorial. I noticed he called it DVD in the tutorial. It doesn't appear that there is a DVD available for download on the Mandriva site.

falko 5th November 2007 20:34

There's a direct link to a DVD image in the tutorial:
Please try that one.

magicvwbus 6th November 2007 00:17

Thank you very much

Downloading now .....

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