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gral 31st October 2007 23:46

Chroot ssh login problem
Hello everyone, im having troubles installing a ssh chrooted envioroment; at first look everything works fine, doing a "chroot /chroot/ /bin/sh" i enter to the chroot system Ok.

But loggin via ssh to the account i enter to the home directory config in the passwd but the user is not chrooted, i can see the system normally..

here are my passwd files;





Any tip or clue will be very helpfully!!

Best Regards!

falko 1st November 2007 20:17

Which distribution do you use?
Did you follow any of the howtos from HowtoForge?

gral 2nd November 2007 02:17

Hello Falko, always answering very quickly! :D

Im using CentOS 3, i was following the HOWto of the official site (

OpenSSH_3.9p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7a Feb 19 2003

Hope Helps!

falko 2nd November 2007 19:25

You might want to try this tutorial instead:

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