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Felipe 14th December 2005 05:10

Webmail - Uebimiau - Change Password

I really know that is an IPSConfig forum but I need to ask if somebody have implemented or use some add-in to enable the email user to change his password.
I found this one and want to know if anybody use and approve it.

Tks 4 all.

till 14th December 2005 12:27

Why do you want to use an addon for UebiMiau? There is a mailuser login in ISPConfig that allows mailusers to change their passwords and set their autoresponder. The login URL haa this form:

Felipe 14th December 2005 13:49


I tried to use the functionality that till told about but when I access the url, in my situation, I access by IP so the url is https://my-ip:81/felipe ... wasnīt found.

Not Found
The requested URL /felipe was not found on this server.

and if only https://my-ip:81 I can access normaly the ISPConfig login.

Have you some idea of what is happening?


till 14th December 2005 13:53

Do not replace mailuser with the username of the mailuser. The directory is named mailuser! It must be https://my-ip:81/mailuser/

Felipe 14th December 2005 15:43

You are right.
I donīt need any add-on :-)

Thank you very much.

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