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adrenalinic 12th October 2007 13:48

dns problem with .eu domain from godaddy
I have a problem with a ns .eu domain registered with godaddy.
I not understand why my ispconfig not respond with properly site configuration.

I have selected the godaddy name server :

within godaddy CP I have added this conf:

A (Host)
Host Points To TTL
@ is my ispconfig vps) 1 Hour

__________________________________________________ _____________

CNAMES (Aliases)
Host Points To TTL
www @ 1 Hour

__________________________________________________ _____________

MX (Mail Exchange)
Priority Host Goes To T TL
10 @ 1 Week

20 @ 1 Week

30 @ 1 Week

40 @ 1 Week

50 @ 1 Week

__________________________________________________ ___________

On my ispconfig have setup the configuration of web for the site.

I have created a master dns zone with this configuration:


in option -> have added the godaddy name server
__________________________________________________ _____________

Now, if write the web site address Ispconfig respond with default Shared ip address how it seems to not be properly configured.

I have similar configuration for .info domain with godaddy and works fine with this solutions.

Any idea?
There is any error in my settings?

Very thanks.

till 13th October 2007 12:40

If you use the godaddy dns servers, you dont have to create the zone in ISPConfig. Just create a website in ISPConfig without enabling the DNS records. Also you should be aware that all changes in DNS settings may take up to 48 hours to become valid.

adrenalinic 13th October 2007 14:59

yes I know, but is very most courious because it seem that godaddy not execute the www host to pass it to ispconfig.

Within the godaddy dns CP the www host is settingup how CNAME , WWW point to @

and the @ point MY-IPADDRESS.

Can be that is to set it not how CNAME, but directly how www host pointing to direct IP numer?

Very Thanks

falko 13th October 2007 20:51

Can you tell me the real domain name and post your Vhosts_ispconfig.conf here?

adrenalinic 15th October 2007 12:19

I have verified the Vhosts_ispconfig.conf.

The vhost contain more websites that I have deleted more time ago, and when now, try to add new site, not was written within vhost file!

How can resolve this issue?


till 15th October 2007 12:30

Have a look here:

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