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TacitCracker 9th December 2005 23:37

Using Subdomains
I have a question on hosting subdomains. I am hosting my own site from my pc using SuSe and want to add a subdomain; I already created the subdomain from the 1&1 control panel and want to know how I can use this with my server.

till 10th December 2005 00:06

If you use ISPConfig, simply add a new website or add the subdomain as co-domain to an existing website.

If you do not use ISPConfig, you will have to create a new vhost for your subdomain in your httpd.conf.

fabianpk 15th February 2006 06:55

sorry my english iam braziliam boy. I try move in ipsconfig...but not right... i was in codomain but not created subdomain for my domain....helpp

falko 15th February 2006 10:13

So you went to the Co-Domains tab, created a new Co-Domain tab, but it was not added to Vhosts_ispconfig.conf?

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