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CaptainBalou 1st October 2007 11:40

mailuser login malformed
Hello folks,

I try to login to my Interface but it won't work even the "login mailuser" is activated. My user data is as follows:

real user name: domain.com_user

The best would be that the users can login with their email alias names. But I've read in other threads that this is not possible. Am I right?

So I try to login with username "domain.com_user" and the following message appears in mail.log:


Oct  1 10:37:17 server dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected: user=<_domain.com_user>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured
I think this isn't correct because of the leading "_" in the user name. Does somebody know if this is the reason for that? And what should I do to fix it?


till 1st October 2007 11:41

In the mailuser login, users can login with their email alias.

CaptainBalou 1st October 2007 11:43

Hey Till, you're really fast in answering threads. :-)

They can login with their alias? Wow. So I misunderstood that in the other thread. But they should also be able to login with their real user name don't they?

till 1st October 2007 11:57


Originally Posted by CaptainBalou
But they should also be able to login with their real user name don't they?

No, the current implementation does a lookup for the email address, so a login is only possible with the email address of a user.

CaptainBalou 1st October 2007 12:03

Oh, so I complete mixed it up. Ok, now I'm on the right way.

But nevertheless: No login is possible with the email alias. The login dialog shows a message "Fehler: Username unbekannt" (like "Error: username unknown" for all non-Germans :-) ) if I try to login with the email address. The mail.log says nothing. I'm confursed.

till 1st October 2007 12:11

Hmm, thats starnge. The mailuser login is enabled for this site?

For this login, ISPConfig tries to authenticate with pop3 on localhost, so you should at least see a failed pop3 login in your mail log.

CaptainBalou 1st October 2007 12:15

I feel tha same: strange things happens. ;-)

If I disable "mailuser login" the message "mailuser login disabled" appears instead the other message. So I'm sure to have it correctly enabled.

I've read in the manual that it is done via pop3, so I enabled it in dovecot. Before I got the message "cannot connect to host 'localhost'". So I'm also sure to enabled it. :-)

But there is no message in the mail.log file. Do I have to setup some special thins for pop3 in dovecot.conf?

CaptainBalou 1st October 2007 15:19

Hmm, Till, I'm still wondering if I understood you correct. I looked up /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/mailuser/login/index.php because I thinks it does the mailuser login page.

In this script just the given username out of the input filed is used to compare it against the isp_isp_user table. I cannot see that anyone does a virtual user table lookup.

Am I completely wrong?

till 2nd October 2007 00:33

Sorry, you are right. I thought we had implemented a email to username lookup there too.

CaptainBalou 2nd October 2007 00:40


But can you imagine why my username "domain.com_username" results in a mail.log entry of "_domain.com_username"? Who inserts the underscore? Is dovecot the troublemaker? Still confused... :(

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