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vaio1 14th September 2007 18:25

Duplicate Email Address .... Why??!!?
Hi there!

I don't understand why I receive this message after saving a new email account: Duplicate Email Address.

I'm sure that there is NOT any email with that name.

In the virtusertable file there is not the mail account but the system continue to tell me: Duplicate Email Address


edge 14th September 2007 19:19

Did you empty the recycle bin?

vaio1 14th September 2007 19:23

yes! but the problem persist.


vaio1 15th September 2007 15:46

Any idea? Is it a BUG of ISPConfig?


falko 15th September 2007 16:59

Did you empty all recycle bins?

vaio1 15th September 2007 17:27

yes all.


vaio1 16th September 2007 01:10

Hi Falko,

how can I do to fix this bug?


edge 16th September 2007 01:26

What does the "allready" exisiting Users look like in the tab "User & Email"?

Is it something like webNR_name ?

vaio1 16th September 2007 01:40

In the User & Emails I have 5 emails:


web19_maria            Maria            maria            0            0
web19_john            john            john            0            0
web19_bob            bob                    bob                    0            0
web19_samantha    samantha            amantha            0            0
web19_joseph            joseph            joseph            0            0

I would like to create an email for the user "roger" but the ISP Config reply me with Duplicate Email Address.


till 16th September 2007 20:58


Originally Posted by mturillo
Any idea? Is it a BUG of ISPConfig?

I dont think its a bug. If ISPConfig reports a duplicate email address, then there must be a duplicate email address in the database. Please have a look if thie email address that you want to create exists already in the database table isp_isp_user

Be aware that you might have added this email address as an alias to one of the other accounts, which will have the same result as if you have added it as mailbox.

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