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Drek 6th September 2007 18:31

Logcheck Permissions Problems
It started a week or two ago, I started getting an error when logcheck ran. I'm afraid I deleted the emails without thinking, so I don't know what the error was, although it had something to do with logtail. Anyway, from what I could find through Google, it looked like a permissions problem, so I changed the permissions on /var/log to 644 and the permissions on auth.log* and xferlog* to 640 and 600 respectively.

Now however logcheck couldn't open any of the files to read them. Now the only way I can get logcheck to work is to set permissions on /var/log to 777 recursively (except for auth.log* and xferlog*). However, now proftpd refuses to write to it's logs because it doesn't like the permissions on it's folder. I don't like them either.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

falko 7th September 2007 16:43

Try to change the permissions of all log files (not dorectories!) to 644.

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