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vaio1 4th September 2007 11:48

ISPConfig: Delete a folder in the treeview
Hi guys,

I would like to remove a leaf in the tree view.
I have clicked on the New Folder, selected the folder, I have pushed on the button: "delete" but a message appears in German:


Fehler beim Löschen des Dokumentes, tree_id konnte nicht ermittelt werden

ISP Manager  [ expand  collapse ]
--- admin
------ Clients
--------- My Reseller
------ Sites
------ Recycle Bin
--- Folder Test  <---------------- TO DELETE!
------ Clients
------ Plans
------ Sites
------ Recycle Bin
--- My Reseller
------ Clients
------ Plans
------ Sites
------ Recycle Bin


till 4th September 2007 12:07

What you tried to delete is a reseller and not a folder. To delete a reseller, open the reseller settings form and click on the delete button. Be aware that this will delete all sites of this reseller too.

vaio1 4th September 2007 12:14

Hi Till,

I have no resellers called Folder Test. Thanks for the suggestion but the reseller has no objects (sites, databases, etc) inside it.

till 4th September 2007 12:20

Then do what I told you above. That what you called a folder is definately a reseller if the icon is on the same level of the admin and myreseller icon.

vaio1 4th September 2007 12:24

If I click on the "Folder Test" object in the treeview nothing appears. The Reseller Form doesn't appear.

What have I to do?

till 4th September 2007 12:38

You should not click on the folder test. You can not open the reseller form like this. You must open the reseller form and not click on any folders. You have saved the reseller form yourself, so you should know where it is.

vaio1 4th September 2007 12:41

As I told you before there is not any Reseller leaf for the Folder Test (see the treeview structure). :(

till 4th September 2007 13:01

Then you might have deleted it already and missed to empty the recycle bin.

vaio1 4th September 2007 13:16

Maybe yes, and now? How can I delete this fake reseller?

till 4th September 2007 13:47

Please red my post:


... empty the recycle bin.

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