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mrmagoo 1st September 2007 01:39

DNS problem
I'm running ISPConfig 2.2.15
When I upload a file via ftp I get a lot of ...waiting for the server... also the mysql answers gets slow.
I believe is a dns configuration problem since I have a single IP address for the server and I tested the network, router, etc and everithing works fine, the router internal test reports no significative traffic issues.
I need help to find the problem. Maybe changing the IP address will do the trick
Please tell me what I need to change in the ISPConfig Config files and the server config files (running ubuntu server 6.10 configured with the

What is create dns and create dns-mx

edge 1st September 2007 08:59

Your FTP problem could be a Ident lookups and reverse dns lookups.

In the proftpd.conf file set IdentLookups and UseReverseDNS to off.

Make sure that you restart proFTPD

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