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alex916 2nd December 2005 02:35

Create imap folder
Hi to all, I'm new with imap and searching in the forum, i haven't found nothing.
The problem is: i installed the server with mailbox format and configuring outlook express with imap, i found 3 folder: inbox, sent item and draft.
Reading the forum, i changed the imap server and i configured ispconfig with Maildir format.
It's all ok but i have only inbox folder and in outlook express i can't create any other folder.
What can i do?
Thanks and sorry for my poor english.:D

falko 2nd December 2005 11:15

Which distribution do you use? Which IMAP server?

alex916 2nd December 2005 18:50

Debian 3.1
courier-imap courier-imap-ssl

alex916 5th December 2005 16:53

I followed the "ISP Server Setup with DEBIAN 3.1" document and all work. I tried to install webmail and it works, i can create also new folder but, running outlook express configured to imap server, the only imap folder that i see is Inbox.

falko 5th December 2005 17:32

You have to create the desired folders manually (or change the ISPconfig sources)...

alex916 7th December 2005 14:50

ok, thank. I'll try and study about it.

dimsh 7th December 2005 15:40

When using courier-imap, it (by default) does not implement shared folders, while DoveCot-IMAP does by default.

so you can not make directories along the same level with INBOX directory, but inside it.

using outlook express you can right-click on the INBOX folder and choose to creat a new folder there, it will create it.

you may want to read about shared folder feature of IMAP protocol to enable folder at the same level.

falko 7th December 2005 16:07


Originally Posted by alex916
ok, thank. I'll try and study about it.

As you're using courier, the command maildirmake should be interesting for you:

alex916 9th December 2005 15:10

I tried maildirmake and i make folder and shared folder but, there is a way to make draft,tray and sent item folder.
If i create them manually it's ok but if i send a mail, it doesn't moved in the Sent Item Folder. In the same way, if i delete a mail, it doesn't go to tray folder.
thanks for the time.


till 9th December 2005 16:33

This looks like a missing or wrong setting in your email program. Send and deleted emails where moved by the mail client, not the server.

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