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kuyaedz 1st December 2005 03:41

view webalizer stats
I've done the default installation for ISPConfig (Ubuntu Breezy 5.10) but I have not yet figured out how to view my webalizer stats. I see stats being posted daily in /var/log/httpd/... how do I view my stats via the web?

I'm sure its something simple I've missed. Thanks

falko 1st December 2005 11:07

Let's say you've created a web site Then your stats are in

kuyaedz 1st December 2005 16:31

I get 404 Error - File not found! with any of my virtual hosts. Have I perhaps missed a setting that would create the /stats/ in each domain?

Thank you again

till 1st December 2005 16:39

1) The stats are being generated nightly, so you will have to wait up to 24 hours until they where generated.

2) Check if webalizer is installed with the command: "which webalizer"

3) If the points above wont help, please execute "ls /var/log/httpd" and post the output here.

kuyaedz 1st December 2005 16:45

which webalizer gives me: /usr/bin/webalizer

output of my /var/log/httpd/:

ispconfig_access_log ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_23
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_15 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_24
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_16 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_25
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_17 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_26
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_18 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_27
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_19 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_28
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_20 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_29
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_21 ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_30
ispconfig_access_log_2005_11_22 ispconfig_access_log_2005_12_01

till 1st December 2005 16:49

Sorry, i mean the directory /var/log/httpd/ (missed the slash).

falko 1st December 2005 17:46

Maybe this helps you:

crudolphy 5th December 2005 20:39

Worked for me also
I followed the link posted above by Falko and followed the instructions from this thread and it corrected the problem I was having:) .

Good instructions.


Chuck Rudolphy

kuyaedz 5th December 2005 20:44

Is there anything else that I need to do in order to access my stats? I've noticed that my stats are compiling (in /var/log/httpd/) but I have no /stats/ in my domains. Is there something I've missed in linking the compiled logs to /stats?

till 5th December 2005 22:22

After you have corrected the cron problem, like fako posted above, you will have to wait up to 24 hours until your stats where generated. The cronjob runs each morning.

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