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Sidi 14th August 2007 14:17

Spamassassin blocks email from local users

I have a little problem with Spamassassin in ISPConfig 2.3.12:
If a specific local user send an email to himself (with SMTP-Authentication),
spamassassin allways blocks these email because the dialin-ip from which he delivers the email is listed in

That shouldn't be, should it? If the user is authenticated successfully, he should allways allowed to send emails.

I have tried to put the users emailaddress in the whitelist for him , but that doesn't help.

The instalation is an perfect_debian_etch setup with postfix.

Any ideas?

BTW: Is there any way to enable logging for spamassassin used via procmail? Debugging is real hard if you doesn't see what is happening.


falko 15th August 2007 19:47

Are you sure it's blocked by SpamAssassin? Do you also use Postfix rules to block emails?

What's in the header of a blocked email?

Sidi 16th August 2007 17:30


Yes, I also use blockrules in postfix, but if the message was blocked
because of them, it would show up in the logfiles.
But I don't see such a logfile entry in this case, only the sender got a message that the email was blocked.
Unfortunately I havn't the header of the email because it was send via a smartphone which software doesn't display ist.
I will try to simulate it from an other device.


till 16th August 2007 21:35

Which antispam settings has the user set in his mailbox?

kristaps 10th December 2007 11:16

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I have similar problem when internal users are receiving e-mails they are marked as spam.
When those users send e-mail to external users everything is ok.
Spam Whitelist is configured to exclude 2 internal domains from checking.
Configuration is fallowing:

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