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LeoLinux 12th August 2007 14:34

chrooted SSH + Debian Etch

has any body an idea how to chroot SSH in Debian Etch 4.0?
I know this howto here:
but it's sadly only for Debian Sarge ... and the Scripts won't work for Etch ;-/



thanis 12th August 2007 15:18

Hi, were you able to install all necessary packages with apt-get (newer ssl is openssl-0.9.8 I believe). And if so, did you get any error output when running the script ?

Except for Falko's "incredimail" script, all the rest are basic linux/shell commands.

Kind regards,

LeoLinux 13th August 2007 13:18

????? Waht are you talking about ??? Do you mean if I got openssl-0.9.8 ready for a jailed user?

I am even not able to jail anybody, beause the script of Falko is only for Sarge users.

But, I fund something ....

BUT I don't realy understand how to use it .... I don't know if I still have to install software how Falkos howto describes that ... like 1 Install The Newest Zlib Version, or 2 Install The Chrooted SSH and so on ...

It would be helpful if somebody can give me some ideas how to go on.

Thank you very much!



falko 13th August 2007 20:11

I haven't tried this on Etch, but I'll try to write a tutorial about it. :)

thanis 16th August 2007 21:31

The tutorial is fine actually, it only needs a VERY small bit of tweaking for it to work on Debian Etch:

1.Don't do the zlib install !

apt-get install libpam0g-dev openssl libcrypto++-dev libssl0.9.8 libssl-dev ssh zlib1g zlib1g-dev zlibc build-essential
3. then just follow the tutorial (the script is not actually important). But what falko forgot to mention, is that you need to copy the "script" contents to a file (e.g.: /home/chroot/ and then run that script:

chmod +x /home/chroot/

Then follow the rest of the tutorial.

Like I said, its just a question of updating your apt packages to etch level !


LeoLinux 17th August 2007 03:19


thank you for your helpful response - but I seem to stupid for it ;-)

just step for step:

1. Don't install the zlib

2. Install The Chrooted SSH ? What about that? Should I do this step?

3. Create The Chroot Environment ? What about that? Should I do this step exactly how it's described in the Howto?

What about the part with the script? Should I skip executing his script?

What about the steps written under the script part ... like

cp /lib/ /lib/ /lib/ ./lib/
Should I go one from there until step 4 ?

And _what_ script are you talking about ... the script I linked up in this thread or the one from Falko's howto?

Sorry for those stupid questions .. - I just want to make sure before I kill my installation again ;-)



thanis 17th August 2007 09:39

Well ... all answers are positive to your questions.
Yes, install the chrooted SSH (download from sourceforge).
Yes, execute the script (use the one you mentioned, it's better than in the tutorial :) )
Yes, copy the files.
Yes, keep following the tutorial untill the end.
No, never use root as your chrooted user :p


LeoLinux 17th August 2007 19:26

hmm thanks .... but the script which I mentioned didn't work ;-( nearly every command endet in a mess .. ... and those mysql pathes aren't there ...

and I'm still not sure if I should do step

3 Create The Chroot Environment

mkdir /home/chroot/
mkdir /home/chroot/home/
cd /home/chroot
mkdir etc
mkdir bin
mkdir lib
mkdir usr
mkdir usr/bin
mkdir dev
mknod dev/null c 1 3
mknod dev/zero c 1 5

before I execute any of those both scripts or not?!

Thank you very much



LeoLinux 19th August 2007 11:24


has no body an idea, or any good howto?

How far is Falko with his new howto for Etch? ;-)


falko 20th August 2007 19:20


Originally Posted by LeoLinux
How far is Falko with his new howto for Etch? ;-)

I haven't started yet - so many other things to do... But it's on my list. :)

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