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Can0n 26th July 2007 11:07

Set up ISPConfig for my domain
I just read the guide on "How To Run Your Own Name Server With ISPConfig
And (Schlund)". It's just that I don't have a domain at so the CP for my domain is different. Just wondering if someone could tell me what to change to make it work. I want to be able to set up own subdomains with ISPConfig on my homeserver.

What settings I can set:

How I have the settings now:


falko 27th July 2007 19:38

You can set up a second nameserver and use it as a slave nameserver (with being the primary), or use another nameserver (maybe one from your registrar) as slave.

Also take a look here:

Can0n 30th July 2007 18:46

OKey. I have talked to the administrator of my URL-CP and he told me to set it like this:

My ISPConfig looks like this, just like the guide:

Now, does this look correct to you guys?
I'm a firsttimer on all of this.

Guess im gonno wait like 24h to see if it works or not and I will do that but I just wondering if you think it looks good.

falko 31st July 2007 15:33

I don't know your admin CP, but right now you're creating records in the admin CP AND in ISPConfig. In your admin CP, all you have to do is specify the nameservers for your domain; in ISPConfig you then create the records.

Can0n 31st July 2007 15:45

So the admin CP is correct and I need to change something in ISPConfig?
Or the other way around?

As you can see im all new at this.

falko 1st August 2007 19:21

You must delete the records in your admin CP. All you must specify there is the two nameservers that should be authoritative for (your ISPConfig server(s)).

And then on your ISPConfig servers, you create the DNS records for, as shown here:

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