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itgroup 8th July 2007 10:25

HELP - websites gone in ispconfig
I have just noticed after a failed upgrade to ispconfig, all my websites are missing. Well, actually the ispconfig installed on the SECOND attempt, but it sort of did a fresh install. When I go into ispconfig admin - everything is there as it should be - all the websites, users etc. Webmail works perfectly BUT, when you go to the users website in a browser - you just get the SHARED IP page - welcome message.
Obviously, the 'pointer' file in ispconfig is messed up. I have had a look at httpd.conf, but can't find it. PLEASE can someone urgently tell me how to let ispconfig see all the existing websites again?

itgroup 8th July 2007 10:30

too many virtual servers?
Maybe it has something to do with the re-install having TWO vitural servers? my local ip is and when the computer boots up, there is a sort of 'error' that says you have duplicate virtural servers (or something like that), so the first one will take precedence. So I am thinking that the first one is missing the 'link's to all the websites? Can I change that somehwere?

itgroup 8th July 2007 11:23

got it
got it = just go in to the ispconfig admin panel, delete (take the tick out of the box) the DNS and MX REcords, Save, go back in and put the ticks back - works !!

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