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kreya 13th June 2007 13:34 fetches to my router's web interface
when i try accesing it gets me to my router web interface.

i've created A record, MX record, CNAME record for in my domain registrar's cpanel pointing to my static IP which is assigned to my router.

i installed ispconfig using IP instead of cos' my changes weren't updated. now i can ping and i get reply from my router.
I use my ISP DNS servers.

what i am trying to accomplish is should get me to my website instead of ispconfig interface

how could this be done?

Hans 13th June 2007 14:17

Did you change the ISPConfig server settings already within ISPConfig under Management > Server > Settings > Server ?

Change the domainname within your INTERNAL IP-address (not your external IP-address).
Change the Hostname within: www

Afterwards, save your settings.

kreya 13th June 2007 14:46

the config is
ispconfig -- management -- server -- settings --
Hostname: www
IP Address:

saved and restarted

but still accessing shows my router's web interface

Hans 13th June 2007 15:02

Oeps, i made a mistake:

If for example the output of

hostname -f


you need to set the hostname within ISPConfig to server1 in stead of www.

kreya 13th June 2007 15:25

made the changes.
but still fetches router's web interface.

i've not made any changes in host file in windows cos' should work no matter where i access from.

Hans 13th June 2007 17:13

If you try to access your site within your LAN, maybe you need to configure your Windows workstation so that it also uses your own DNS-server on your ISPConfig server.

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