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Happy 4th June 2007 03:02

How to create email accounts
Ok, I I have Ubuntu 6.xx LTS for a mail server installed with Postfix, ISPConfig (now installing-takes forever-compared to rest of installs). How do I do the following:

1. Verify/Install SpamAss if not installed and configured
2. Verify/Install AvClam if not installed and configured
3. setup users email accounts
4. Test that is mail is coming in via Outlook Express or another email client

Currently, I have a domain with a ISP hosting the site. I was told I could redirect mail. So here is what I want to do. I have a Linksys Router with a DMZ on it. I was thinking I could put my server in the DMZ and forward ports POP3/SMTP to this server. Since my ISP is forwarding to my public my server should receive and send mail correct. Any help woulf be great. I am just learning about how to do this.



till 4th June 2007 10:23

If you use ISPConfig, 1 + 2 is installed.
3 + 4 Please read the manual first and search in the forum. This has been answered several times and is described in the manual.

Happy 4th June 2007 23:58

Checking/Testing AVClam and SpamAss
As I was installing ISPconfig from a remote workstation-my connection got disconnected from the session prior to me answering questions about Mysql and port to use to connnect (install had been runnning for about 2 hours). Is there anyway for me to verift ISPconfig got installed correctly as awell as AVClam and SpamAss. I also install Webmin and Webmin reports SpamAss is not configured or installed.



falko 5th June 2007 20:58

If you got disconnected, then ISPConfig is not installed, and you must run the installation again.
If you are afraid of more disconnects, you can use screen to install ISPConfig:

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