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erikja 27th May 2007 13:18

VMware server with Ubuntu

I have installed a VMware server on my Windows XP pro computer.

The intention was to install an Ubuntu on a Windows XP computer.

Also the Ubuntu install went ok without problems.

Now I have problems with getting my Ubuntu on the Internet.

I think it has something with the correct IP's to do, but I'm not sure.

On the LAN I use IP's in the area 192.168.1.x

But the IP's for the Bridged LAN has another area than what I have shown above.

Here I show what the LAN looks like:

My LAN for the computer where I have VMware and Ubuntu installed:

The vmnet1:

The vmnet8:

Can anyone see a reason for not being able to get on the Inet with my Ubuntu ?

Thanks in advance for replies

mtuser 27th May 2007 17:38

In ubuntu
check you can ping to and
if yes. check dns what you use in ubuntu.


erikja 27th May 2007 18:18

Hi mtuser. Thanks for your reply.

The first 2 tests is here:

Here's the /etc/resolv.conf file:

What does this tell you ?

mtuser 27th May 2007 19:29

check your firewall

you should ping to your host IP
ping to gateway
then can lookup the websites.


~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

erikja 27th May 2007 19:40

hi mtuser.

As I don't use Windows XP's firewall, but the one included with Bullguard, I have to check how I do the same trick there.

Will be back as soon as I have found out of it.

erikja 27th May 2007 20:50

In Bullguard I found the place, where I think I shall do the same as in the firewall for Windows XP ??.

I have made screeshots of the place, and would be glad to get help to check the right places.

Thank you.

erikja 28th May 2007 09:23


Now I have tried with and without having the firewall ON.

Here it is in OFF mode:

And here the firewall is ON:

Again to view the ICMP better from my Bullguard softwarepackage:

With the firewall OFF, I can browse ok with Firefox.

Can anybody help me to set the right checks in the ICMP options ?.

And also what maybe is wrong now ?.

Thanks in advance.

And again:

falko 28th May 2007 17:22

Unfortunately I don't know this Bullguard firewall. I think you have to play around with it a little bit...

erikja 28th May 2007 17:30

Hi Falko...

Thanks for yor reply.

You don't think there are any eqivalents to the windows firewallsuggestion a bit up this thread ?

erikja 28th May 2007 20:52


Originally Posted by falko
Unfortunately I don't know this Bullguard firewall. I think you have to play around with it a little bit...

Hi again.

Beside the info on a Windows XP firewall setup up this, is there no other equal rules for other firewalls, that can be used for my Bullguard ?

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