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Ovidiu 17th November 2005 10:16

looking for rootserver providers from germany
hi guys,

as I know there are severall ppl from GErmany using this board I would like to ask about your experiences with different providers.

I am using the smalles root server from but I have an old product, they changed their offer and as my contract will soon be exhausted I would like to change either the contract and stay with them or maybe even change the provider.

the thing is I say is offering raid1 for almost the same money, but then I realized they point out that only with their most expensive offer you will get hardware raid so I realized the cheaper solutions were )just (guessing) software raid solutions.

I would liek you to give me some impressions/suggestions about which provider you are using, maybe adding some info why you would recommend them.
I am interested in a hardware raid1 system as that would give me some peace of mind.

Bruce 17th November 2005 11:10


i use a ds3000 from hetzner -
cheap, fast, good and a competent support!

- bruce

Ovidiu 17th November 2005 11:35


I already looked at them but:

- you pay extra for backup space
- only 500Gb of traffic, small compared to others
- looks like the remote console also costs extra

if I am not mistaken...

falko 17th November 2005 16:08

Strato and 1&1 have nice and cheap offers, but one think I really hate is that they don't treat their old customers as good as new ones!
For example, from time to time they increase the included traffic that comes with the server, but only new customers benefit from this. The traffic of old customers won't be increased!:mad: :mad: :mad:

In the (good old) past old customers always had more privileges than new ones, which is justified I think.

In the present things have changed...:( "Der Kunde ist König." war mal...

Also, be aware of the contract duration. Now you have at least 12 months contract duration at Strato and 1&1; it once was 1 month... (once upon a time...).

Ovidiu 18th November 2005 17:39

thats absolutely right: I am one of those old customers, been there for more than 1 1/2 year, my initial contract was (as far as i remember) 500GB/month 6 months after they changed their offer, I now get 750GB/months but if I would make a new deal with them (meaning I had to make a new deal and stay there for 1 year) I would get 1000GB/month, but I do not think it worth the hassle...

thats why I am asking for another option and sure there must be one.

@ falko
could you have a look at the 1und1 offer? do they really offer software raid with the cheaper offers and true hardware raid1 with the most expensive one?

I'd really like to have raid1 as that would be another layer of data security - not only relying on backup then.

falko 18th November 2005 19:50


Originally Posted by Tenaka
@ falko
could you have a look at the 1und1 offer? do they really offer software raid with the cheaper offers and true hardware raid1 with the most expensive one?

Yes, the two small servers have software RAID, the two bigger ones hardware RAID.

domino 23rd November 2005 16:25

Be careful with 1and1. About this time last year, they were almost automated. From the time you send sign up to the time you break the contract. The problem there is that if you have downtime and you need to contact the NOC, they took ages (2 or 3 days) to respond to my problem. Emails hardly works or they don't really know what you are talking about. You have to call them. I suppose it's no problem if the DC was in your area. I had to call overseas to get them to reset my server after being down 4 days.

That's only my experience. I'm sure ithers have had bteer experiences. I for one will never deal with 1and1.

till 23rd November 2005 20:18

Never had any problems with 1&1. After a motherboard failure I've got my server (with the old harddisk inkl. my custom linux installation) back online within 2 hours. The guys from the tech support that I've talked with had a good linux knowledge and understand what i am talking about.

Ovidiu 26th November 2005 09:41

does anyone have any experience with ?

Looks ok, although you have only reboot in next 15 min, not imediately, reinstall in the next 2 hours,... but you can buy upgrade packages.
Also for additional 10€ / month, after 24 months you own the server and they send it to you, sounds like a great offer to me...

falko 26th November 2005 17:49


Originally Posted by Tenaka
does anyone have any experience with ?

No. Each time I have a look at their web site I think that Strato and 1&1 have better offers.

But wait... Their new offers look really good... but they also have 12 months contract duration, like 1&1 and Strato...:mad:

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