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demortes 20th May 2007 09:04

Can't send mail from ISPConfig box

I'll attempt to explain this as best as possible. I have two domain names. and which all host their sites fine, I received email outside of the network fine.

Here's the kicker, any email sent from the box will not be received. I've narrowed down the reason. Simply put, my ISP is blocking all outgoing SMTP (port 25) traffic, except for their own mail servers traffic. This means that I can receive on port 25, but I can't send on port 25.

My question is this. Is there ANY way I can have the capability of receiving mail through the mail server box I host, and send mail through the ISP's mail server. Perhaps a configuration of sorts? What might make it more complicated is I have to authenticate all outgoing mail with my ISP with my ISP user name and password(optional, but preferred).

Thank you for the attention, hope to hear from you in the morning.


till 20th May 2007 12:48

It is possible to configure your postfix mail server to relay all emails trough the smtp server of your ISP with authentication. There must be some posts about this in the forum but I can not find them currently. Maybe someone else has the links at hand :)

demortes 20th May 2007 17:12

I think it's fixed... or was.

I tried searching the internet and didn't find anything. I posted here, which Till responded. I never tried the word relay in the search engines... I tried it today, and I found the variable needed, relayhost in (in my setup, /etc/postfix/ It didn't explain how to set up authentication for the relay host though.

till 20th May 2007 17:21

Please have a look here:

I didnt find it this morning because I searched in the forums instead of the howtos :D

demortes 20th May 2007 20:45

OK, that fixed that, but for some reason when I send mail to a user on my domain, it delivers it locally, not the assigned mail server. I mean, I have it set up for google apps, which maintain my email on both domains. I set up ISPConfig to point to External Mailserver, and it's still delivering locally.

Any insight?

till 20th May 2007 20:46

Please make sure that you set all co-domains to external mailserver too and not only the website.

demortes 20th May 2007 21:30

I have set all domains, co domains, everything as external. I only have the two domains, no sub domains, etc.

demortes 21st May 2007 01:34


Originally Posted by demortes
I have set all domains, co domains, everything as external. I only have the two domains, no sub domains, etc.

Any further ideas?

till 21st May 2007 10:48

Is the domain still listed in the file /etc/postfix/local-host-names ?

demortes 21st May 2007 19:46

Yes, it was. I removed it yesterday, sorry for not posting back. That took care of the issue. Thank you.

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