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HMK 17th May 2007 17:40

Still unsure about subdomains...
(Apologies for posting in the wrong forum initially...)


Hi; I have a domain ( I use my registrar's nameservers (I cannot change this), and have created A records for my domain:


A record: --> (my server)

In ISPConfig, everything works fine for my domain: when I type into my browser, I get straight to my home page.

HOWEVER, I need to create independent subdomains (with associated email addresses) that point as follows: --> -->

AND --> -->


I have checked the forums, and tried to follow instructions, but I have had no success. Can someone help me out, please? I would be grateful for *explicit* instructions.

I would like to create the subdomains on ISPConfig (not with my registrar).

Thankyou for your help.

till 18th May 2007 10:53


just create websites for the other domains and add e.g. a script or html page with a header redirect as index document. Then create the email accounts for the websites and redirect the emails.

HMK 19th May 2007 02:55

Thankyou...but still no success
Thankyou, Till.

But it is the creation of the other (sub)domains that is causing the initial problem.

I have tried both of the following scenarios without success:


Server: MyServer
Hostname: 123
IP Address: 192.68...
Create DNS: Unchecked
Create DNS-MX: Unchecked

(Co-domains: empty)

Server: MyServer
Hostname: www
IP Address: 192.68...
Create DNS: Checked
Create DNS-MX: Unchecked

(Co-domains: empty)


What am I doing wrong? It is creating the actual subdomains (, etc.) in the first place that is causing the problem.


torusturtle 19th May 2007 09:46


since you don't need an email you don't have to create a new domain for

You'll have to do the following:

1. Create new domain

Server: MyServer
Hostname: 123
IP Address: 192.68...
Create DNS: checked
Create DNS-MX: checked

2. create emails in this domain
Set the forward role for each email in the Advanced Settings

3. create codomain
Hostname: www
Create DNS: checked
Create DNS-MX: unchecked

That should do it.

I have an Asterisk rule for my main domain e.g. *.domain.tld CNAME domain.tld which allows me to create as many subdomains as I want without creating new DNS entries all the time.

HMK 19th May 2007 13:45

Thankyou very much
Thankyou very much, torusturtle.

I will try what you suggested and will report back in due time. (I might contact you again about your asterisk rule, too.)

I do appreciate your clear instructions...thankyou again.


torusturtle 19th May 2007 23:32


I'm happy to help!
It's my contribution to this great product and I know how it is to have a unsolved problem. :-)

HMK 20th May 2007 22:11

Alas, still not working...
I created a new subdomain ( 36 hours ago using the instructions above, but unfortunately it is still not working:

"Internet explorer cannot display the webpage."
"Ping request cannot find host"

(No success with email either, of course, nor with the subdomain

The parent domain ( continues to work as normal. (This came online just a couple of hours after being created.)

Refreshing the browser makes no difference.

Should I continue to wait? Or try something else?


till 21st May 2007 10:55

Please check the domain that you craeted at your registrar. As ping is not configured by ISPConfig, it should work even if you configured ISPConfig wrong, so the problem must be that the DNS A-Record for is not creted correctly at your registrars DNS server.

HMK 22nd May 2007 04:48

Thankyou so much, Till and torusturtle.

The problem was at my registrar, as you indicated. I did not realise that I had to create separate A records for each subdomain, but in the end I used an asterisk rule, and everything is working perfectly.

I am very grateful to you both. Thankyou for taking the time to reply; it is thrilling to see everything working as it should.

Melbourne, Australia

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