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mcroteau105 17th May 2007 05:04

So close yet sofar away... problem with ISPConfig Installation
I have been battling with this ISPConfig for the last 3 days. I feel that I am really close to having it up and running. I successfully went through the installation instructions and even got a verification that ISPConfig system was installed... however, unable to get to the user interface and I think it has to do with some php and mysql errors in my setup. Below is a screen shot of shell at the end of installation... what do I need to do to get this working? How can I fix the warnings that were given? I am getting very excited and look forward to getting this working. Any help in this would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance, and thanks to Falko for getting me this far.

Screen shot:

till 17th May 2007 13:06

It looks like you riún the ISPConfig installer more then once without uninstalling it first. Please run the following commands to uninstall ISPConfig:

rm -rf /root/ispconfig
rm -rf /home/admispconfig

Then delete the ISPConfig mysql database. ISPConfig will recreate a new database. If the datbase exists, the installer will fail.

Now unpack the ISPConfig installer tar.gz file again and run the setup script.

mcroteau105 17th May 2007 16:42

apologize... thank you
Yes, unfortunately, I tried to run the installation script more than once. I use phpmyadmin to manage mysql. How do I know which database is for ISPConfig. It only contains two databases, one that is called "mysql" the other reads "information-schema". Im pretty new to this and want to make sure I am deleting the right database. Neither of these look right.

Also, I have mysql set up to run on I noticed in my shell printout it was trying to connect to root@localhost is this what it normally does? How do I make sure that I configured it right? Thanks Till.


mcroteau105 18th May 2007 00:44

First off, would like to apologize for cross posting. Secondly, thanks to Falko and Till for there help on the ISPConfig Perfect Setup for Ubuntu. I have it up and running, and am ready to tweak to get it perfect. Thanks!


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