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celtic 14th May 2007 13:55

Different web sites... same domain
Is it possible to have two or more independent web sites with the same domain?

For example:


Joaquim Oliveira

Hans 14th May 2007 14:01

Within ISPConfig you are able to to this.

When you create a site within ISPConfig, use the desired subdomainname in the Hostname field and the domain name in the Domain field.

celtic 14th May 2007 14:30

The following error occurred:

An SSL certificate does already exist for this IP.


Hans 14th May 2007 15:36

For every IP-address you can use only one SSL-certificate (of course).
If you have more than 1 IP-address available, then you can use that for that website,
But first add this additional IP-address within ISPConfig within your IP list under Management > Server > Settings.

celtic 14th May 2007 18:43

I only have one IP address given from my ISP. Does that mean that I cannot implement this solution on my server?

If so... why not?


Hans 15th May 2007 14:15

That you can use only one SSL certificate for each IP-address is inherent to the https protocol.

You can ask your ISP/DNS provider if they can provide you extra IP-addresses. If you have received a block of new IP-addresses, you can add those within ISPConfig under Management > Server > Settings.
After that use it, for your site.

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