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mphayesuk 14th November 2005 11:54

ISPConfig slow on external access
Hi looking at ISPConfig from my internal network is quick and no errors....

When looking at it from the outside world its very slow.... it works but is very slow and there are some errors on the page... especially the menu on the left... there is a message but its in german and I cant select the text to include with this message.

Has anyone any ideas...


till 14th November 2005 11:55

Please ha a look here:

mphayesuk 15th November 2005 00:24

Yep sorry my mistake... all working fine again

rlhesson 16th August 2006 19:21

I am also having the problem of ISPconfig being EXTREMELY slow when connected externally. I looked here : but that refers to ISPConfig being slow when accessed internally. My problem is from external. Any ideas?

fobicodam 16th August 2006 21:30

Is the hostname/domain you enter when installing registered on DNS and pointing to your external IP address?

rlhesson 16th August 2006 21:35

Yup, sure is.

rlhesson 17th August 2006 02:05

The address is right in the ispconfig config file. I have a domain Im hosting 4 domains on it right now. The sites are super fast, but ISPConfig is super slow from external connection. Any more ideas?

till 17th August 2006 11:28

Do the images in the upper corners of the forms in ISPConfig show up correctly? Please check that the domain of the image URL of these images is really set correctly in DNS.

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