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Wraith 26th April 2007 08:09

Yet more shell scripting
I have been visiting this forum for a couple of weeks now, originally searching for shell scripting advice. Some threads here have been absolutely invaluable.

I have finally got stuck in my Assignment for uni though, I am trying to write a script to calculate missed pracs for students.

I have three files containing prac marks over a semester, they look a little like:

#Prac Marks for class 1
#fomat is SID MARK
21353535 10
24535365 6
34213444 9

I need to compile a file of missed pracs, where no mark is recorded in any particular prac.

what I have so far is:

cut Students -f1 -d: | grep -v \# > Missing-temp; #extract SID from the first column of my Students file.

while read sid extra; do #read SID using extra to catch any extra stuff not needed

if cut Prac1 -f1 -d ' ' | grep -v \# | grep "$sid"; then #cut field 1 out of Prac1, this is the SID field, remove any lines starting with # using grep then find whether the relevant SID is in the Prac file.
echo "Found $sid" >>error; #just for debugging purposes
echo $sid: Prac1, >> Missing1; #this is my required format

if cut Prac2 -f1 -d ' ' | grep -v \# | grep "$sid"; then
echo "Found $sid">>error;
echo $sid: Prac2, >> Missing2;

if cut Prac3 -f1 -d ' ' | grep -v \# | grep "$sid"; then
echo "">>error;
echo $sid: Prac3, >> Missing3;

done < Missing-temp; #pipe Missing-temp into read, end loop

join -a 1 -a 2 Missing1 Missing2 | join -a 1 -a 2 - Missing3 >> Missing4; #join files together, using -a to ignore any missing bits

sed 's/,$//' <Missing4 | sort -g >Missing; # removes trailing commas and sorts numerically.

rm -f Missing1 Missing2 Missing3 Missing4 Missing-temp; #get rid of temp files

The script works fine on my test data but when I submit it, I get the following error:
File: Missing
Expected: 312349311: Prac1, Prac2
Got: 312349311: Prac1

I have tested for this kind of output in my test files and it works fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the script is not working?

ghostdog74 27th April 2007 05:16

you can use awk


awk -v file="Prac1" ' BEGIN {  # get all sids of Prac1 into array
                while( (getline line < file )>0 ) {
                        if (line ~ /^#/ ) continue #skip comments
      /^#/ {next} #skip comments line in Students file
                if (!( $1 in mprac )) {
                        print "Sid: " $1 " not in " FILENAME
' "Students"

Wraith 27th April 2007 06:18

Thanks for the advice. I finally figured out that I needed to sort my Prac files before joining them *doh!*

Oh, well

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