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Linocks 15th April 2007 11:20

'My Posts' Button
Can we have a button that when clicked it shows all the posts that you have made?

If it's not too much to ask the results should be displayed in a summary screen which shows the Forum in which posted followed by the Title/Subject of the Thread.

Or do we already have this facility? If so can you tell me how/where to find it please?


PS - I get the desired result when I search for posts by 'username' but it wouldn't be wrong to include this button in the 'Quick Links' menu.

BTW, I'm not lazy :D

falko 16th April 2007 14:48

I'm not sure if vBulletin provides such a button... :confused:

zcworld 2nd May 2007 12:00

can't you just click on ur name and pick from the list

Find all thanked posts by Linocks
Find all posts by Linocks
Find all threads started by Linocks

( that from the profile page )

isn't that what you meaning type of thing

thats your profile page :)

emailmike1994 14th May 2007 07:56

I actually would like a feature like that too.. I second that motion

emailmike1994 14th May 2007 07:57

Whoops.. Didn't see that second post.. Though I still agree... a one click kind of button would be even better

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