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Hagforce 22nd March 2007 21:15

Round Cube webmail with ISPConfig

I`m running ISPConfig on my server.
Some people have problems logging in to uebimiau at port 81.
So I added in ISPConfig an put a Round Cube install there.
I followed the install guide but all I get is a blanck page...

Anyone got experiense in installing Round Cube on a ISPConfig installation?

Hans 22nd March 2007 21:58

Have a look here:

Hagforce 22nd March 2007 22:16

Thank you Hans.

But I don`t even get in to the login page.... I get nothing.

The mysql database is working, and the tables is there.


Hans 22nd March 2007 22:22

Check if there is still a .htaccess file within your RoundCube's webX/web

It is not visible, so remove it with the command:

rm .htaccess

And try again to login.

If you use the Maildir format, make sure it enabled on your server!

Hagforce 22nd March 2007 22:25

Nope, I deleted that one.

I also tried to delete it all, and did it over again (including the sql db) but just the same.

Hans 22nd March 2007 22:29

Did you enable php Safe mode for that web?
If so, turn it off and try again...

Hagforce 22nd March 2007 22:32

Nope, sorry, php safe mode is off.
Realy strange, I get nothing.

Hans 22nd March 2007 22:38

If you still have a blank page carefully check you have entered the MySql username correctly in

Hagforce 22nd March 2007 22:46

I got:




// PEAR database DSN for read/write operations
// format is db_provider://user:password@host/databse
// currentyl suported db_providers: mysql, sqlite

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://roundcube:pass@localhost/roundcubemail';
// postgres example: 'pgsql://roundcube:pass@localhost/roundcubemail';
// sqlite example: 'sqlite://./sqlite.db?mode=0646';

// PEAR database DSN for read only operations (if empty write database will be used)
// useful for database replication
$rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = '';

// database backend to use (only db or mdb2 are supported)
$rcmail_config['db_backend'] = 'db';

in my, and the mysql login is correct and tested from command line.

Hans 22nd March 2007 22:59

I still see the default line, which is:

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://roundcube: pass@localhost/roundcubemail';

You should change that into:

$rcmail_config[’db_dsnw’]=’mysql:// web1_u1:mysqlpassword@localhost/web1_db1’;

"web1_u1" is the mysqluser for the website (in this example =web1).
"mysqlpassword" is the password for mysql user web1_u1.
"web1_db1" is the databasename for web1.

All as defined within ISPConfig under the "Options" tab, where you can define the database for your website.

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