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muzica 7th March 2007 18:18

MAC address

I have a IP Address of a remote server on my network.
How can i find the MAC address.

falko 8th March 2007 19:52

Log in to the server and run

That command will show you the MAC address (I think it calls it HWADDR or something like that).

muzica 9th March 2007 15:11

Thanks, but I don’t want to log on to 68 servers. Is there away to innovatory them from a command line?

falko 10th March 2007 12:38

I'm not sure if the nmblookup can be of help. Run

man nmblookup
Maybe it can detect MAC addresses.

KenKnight 10th March 2007 18:30

Hi Muzica,

I use nmap for that type of task.

the following command will scan your entire subnet and provide just the info you need;

nmap -sP

Replace the 192.x.x.x with whatever you subnet is, also if you're not using one of the standard subnet masks you'll need to calculate and apply a different subnet # at the end (24).

Since you have a bunch of machines I'd suggest routing the info to a file like so;

nmap -sP > MyMacs.txt

Then you can copy that text file to whatever machine your doing work on. I use the heck out of this command when setting up Static DHCP servers.


muzica 12th March 2007 13:56

nmap worked.

thank you.

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