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FeraTechInc 1st March 2007 05:29

SSL not working for individual site.
I recently tried to install zencart with SSL support. However, I have been having some problems.

1. I enabled SSL for the site. Installed the cart then when I tried to access the admin section via SSL I got a -12263 error.

So I edited /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and changed SSL to 443

The I edited /etc/apache2/ports.conf and commented out port 443

2. Now when I try to get to the admin section I get a page does not exist error. So have I made progress or have I actually gone backwards?

Some detailed help from ANYBODY who has set up an SSL site using ISPConfig would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have set up ISPConfig originally to use SSL to log in, if that has anything to do with my problem.

till 1st March 2007 09:21

Undo what you did in 1). Never edit this configuration file. You mix up the webserver that serves the controlpanel and the webserver that serves your websites.

The error in 2 results in editing the file in 1.

After you have undone everything you described above and are able to login again:

Have you created a SSL certificate by filling out the fields on the SSL tab of the website and then select "Create" as action to create the ssl certificate?

martinfst 1st March 2007 09:29

Do you use a dedicated IP for the site you want SSL on? You can not have multiple sites with SSL on one IP. One SSL cert == one IP

FeraTechInc 1st March 2007 21:23

I did that but nothing appeared in the "SSL Request:" box after I created the SSL certificate...

martinfst 1st March 2007 21:26

What version of ISPConfig do you use?

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