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FeraTechInc 25th February 2007 07:24

Can't remove SSH firewall rule.
I recently had someone try to get access in through SSH with a random password generator. I was going to try to disable or remove it simply because I don't use the service on my server at all.

However, I get an error message " This port cannot be altered."

Is this the way it's supposed to be?

till 25th February 2007 12:56

What exactly did you change or execute when you receive this message?

FeraTechInc 25th February 2007 20:37

Well I'm simply using the ISPConfig admin panel to change the deactivate this port.

As far as changes go I simply used the ISPConfig Ubuntu Edgy perfect setup. On top of that I added Zabbix. That is all. From what I can see though Zabbix shouldn't be preventing me from blocking my SSH port.

till 26th February 2007 09:53

You can not disable SSH in the ISPConfig firewall. Thats a security function to stop poele from locking theirself out of the server. If you dont need SSH at all, just stop the SSH service.

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