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rlhesson 25th February 2007 01:20

(CURL) Could'nt resolve host error.
I am getting this error when trying to run a standalone version of a roster program on my site. WHat the program does is goto the site and grabs an XML feed and parses it on the page. Here is the error:

(CURL) Error 6: Couldn't resolve host ''

Cannot retrieve data from the EQ2Players website!

This seems to be somewhere in the config of my server (dns problem maybe?) But I cant find out how to fix it. Any ideas?

martinfst 25th February 2007 13:06

DNS resolving is not working on your system. You can test if it works oke, when the command

from a terminal gives you a valid response.

How did you setup DNS?

rlhesson 25th February 2007 21:15

I did not get any errors when I ran the dig though..

Any other ideas?

falko 26th February 2007 14:24

What's the exact output?
What's in /etc/resolv.conf?

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