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mphayesuk 1st November 2005 13:58

Suse 10 new Hard Drive install
Ok what I have is a IDE 80gig Hard Drive installed which is /home/

What I want to do is add a xxxgig SATA drive and merge the two drives together to make a bigger /home/ drive without losing any information currently on the ide hard drive (/home/)


till 1st November 2005 14:43

Then you must shutdown the server, install the new HD, start the server again, run fdisk or cfdisk to partition the harddisk, the format the harddiskt with e.g. ext3.

Then i recommend to mount the new HD as e.g /mnt/tmp_home, copy all files from /home to the /mnt/tmp_home partition. Then change the /etc/fstab that your new hd is mounted as /home after reboot and then reboot your server.

mphayesuk 1st November 2005 16:06

will this combine the two hardrives to make one /home OR is what you have said the way to replace one harddrive with another.

till 1st November 2005 16:11

This will replace your home partition with a partition of the new harddisk. it will not replace the complete old harddisk. If you want to merge the new and old /home partition, you will have to use LVM (logical valume management) but I'am not sure if you can install it when the server is laready setup.

mphayesuk 1st November 2005 18:39

Ok I take it that fdisk does run under linux, ie from the root command line.

till 1st November 2005 18:41

Yes, the partitioning program on linux is called fdisk too :) But you can also use the program cfdisk, which is easier to handle.

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