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Lil'Brudder 31st October 2005 10:08

Question about 'localhost' as Hostname
Ok. I think I've beat this subject to a bloody pulp, but, I have one last question about the hostname when initially installing Linux and how it affects ISPConfig.

If, during the Fedora Core 4 setup, when it asks to "Set the hostname manually" for the hostname I use 'server.localhost', will this cause shortterm/longterm effects on the usability of ISPConfig?

I will be hosting 4 domain names and I don't really want have an association to the server with any of them. Basically, I just want the IP address resolved to an error message and all 4 domain names to resolve the their appropriate folder.

I can't think of any side affects doing this, but I don't know how all the ISPConfig interaction works and how the email server would react, if at all, having localhost defined initially as the domain name, and server as the host. I will probably have to use one of the domains for the Name Server, so, I'll have to bend the rule just a little in that case, but MySQL is already configured to run from the internal IP address, which is kind of what started me thinking about this. I was going to use the internal IP address, but it must have a name. Will 'localhost' work?

Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

falko 31st October 2005 10:33

You have to keep in mind that you must use the URL you specifiy during installation to access ISPConfig. If you use server.localhost you have to use http(s)://server.localhost:81 in order to access ISPConfig. With localhost this won't work from remote systems!

Lil'Brudder 31st October 2005 10:58

Ah. That's a good reason indeed!

I remember now that once I didn't have the host name correct and I had serious linking issues from within ISPConfig... I can imagine now the problems accessing it from anything but the server with the domain being localhost.

Thanks falco... as always, you're a genius.

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