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sam_rag 13th February 2007 12:45

internet sharing with centOS
Dear everyone!

i have been using adsl connection to share internet for whole network using gateway of (for test purpose) with dns address
i tried internet browsing with a linux terminas(centOS) with ip

I want to use the linux as an internet gateway. so i tried using 2 ethernet cards so i configured them as
eth0: ip address:
eth1: ip address:
dns address:

i wanted to test if i could share the internet from another subnetwork with ip via with gateway configured as

now i can ping from the remote computer to both and

but internet sharing is not happening

i tried all the steps mentioned by

i wanted to make sure internet sharing happens.. so that i can completely shift to linux for internet sharing..

thanks in advance..

martinfst 13th February 2007 12:59


dns address:
This address should be configured on one of your ethernet cards then ....
Did you get this address from your ISP?

sam_rag 14th February 2007 08:57

yeah that dns address was supplied by the isp provider
moreover, i believe there are something to do with the iptables and nat
could you please guide me the way?
thanks again

falko 14th February 2007 20:25

If you want to use your system as a router, you should try a distribution that is tailored for your needs such as IPCop.

sam_rag 15th February 2007 12:14

hey it worked.. !
there was some conflicting regarding /etc/hosts file.
still more experimenting to do..
messenger etc are working
now i want to learn more..

sam_rag 18th February 2007 07:27

now i am trying to install squid for proxy..
i downloaded and compiled..
i tried to follow
but its kinda confusing for a starter like me..
i believe there are easier ways..
i would appreciate if you share your experience
thanks in advance..

falko 19th February 2007 15:46

Isn't there a Squid package available for CentOS? That would save you from compiling Squid yourself.

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