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28th September 2005, 23:01

I have a problem with my smtp, because I send a newsletter in sendmail mode or in phpmail, all functions, finally almost, but when I send in smtp it gives me an error?

SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. => 2 Errors

Moreover when I make a ping my server smtp, it answers me, I does not include/understand more?

Thank you in advance of your answer.

Yours sincerely

MM :mad:

29th September 2005, 00:14
What's the output of telnet localhost 25?

29th September 2005, 00:21
Good evening

It is simply necessary to insert:

In applications which turn on Internet, such as mambo, postnuke, etc...

Thank you like same to have answered, I should reflect the next time, before sending the messages.

MM ;)