View Full Version : Please Help me. Error ISPconfig installation

22nd September 2005, 18:50
I used Fedora Core 1 and began setup ISPconfig installation but every time not passed as the following :

make: *** Warning: File 'Makefile.org' has modification time in the future (2005-07-05 12:14:21 > 2005-05-26 14:29:38.261378)
Makefile is older than Makefile.org, Configure or config.
Reconfigure the source tree (via './config' or 'perl Configure'), please.
make: *** [Makefile] Error 1
ERROR: Could not make OpenSSL
above message was error that system alerted to me.

please help me. I am planing to setup Web Hosting Business.

Thank you.

22nd September 2005, 18:55
Please check date and time of your server, it seems that the time is not set correctly.

Before you run the installer again, delete the install_ispconfig directory and unpack the installer tar.gz file again as described in the installation manual.

22nd September 2005, 19:09
thank you till