View Full Version : Reset ISPConfig Data? How?

22nd September 2005, 18:35

I`m quite a Linux Noob and tryed to install ISPConfig on my newly Server. So everything went well. I tryed a bit wth the possibilitys and now i`m quite safe in using so i wanted to try for real.

But how can i reset the Database so that i start with user1 again. I deleted the users i made before but im still at web17 when i do a new user. Is there a Database where all the useres are stored? What do i have to delete to reset ISPConfig to zero users?

Thank you for your help!


22nd September 2005, 18:59
The id sequence numbers are generated by mySQL internally.

If you want to reset your system completely i recommend to remove ISPConfig by running the /root/uninstall script and then install ISPConfig again.

Another way might be to dump the mySQL database to sql statements, delete / reset the sequences and reimport the DB. You should go this way only if you are familar with SQL and know what you are doing :)

22nd September 2005, 19:11
Ow, no i dont want to go trhough this one more time. Than i live with web17 :(
But thanks for your help :)

22nd September 2005, 19:19
It's not worth all the trouble just for the benefit of start counting at 1 again.
BTW, if you have bigger numbers you seem to be bigger and more professional to the outside world... :D