View Full Version : Problem with page 2/4 in the Howtos

21st September 2005, 14:02

The list of howtos on this page appears further down the screen, below the side sections.

I know, I am bored and I am being picky !

21st September 2005, 14:46
The howtos are ordered by the time of their posting.

21st September 2005, 14:48
OK you misunderstand what I mean, possibly because you don't see what I am seeing.
Will look at it from another machine and browser to see if its just me or not

21st September 2005, 14:53
OK it seems to be just in IE, firefox displays the page fine.
Have tried from 3 different machines and IE displays the page incorrectly on all 3.

More information:

When you go http://www.howtoforge.com/node?from=2

if you change the node to any value between 3 and 12, the same happens
Starting at any other node appears to display the page fine.
I have checked the source and can't see any difference between the above posts and the ones that display OK (as a starting point)

Strange !

21st September 2005, 17:02
I've had that happen to me before. I don't know, but it looks normal now.