View Full Version : tree view menu doesn't work

13th September 2005, 20:12
When I click on the tree menu in the left frame, nothing changes in the right frame as it should. Also, the images nav_lft.gif and nav_rgt.gif don't appear to be present where they shoud be, i.e. they don't display. I've tried firefox and ie and that's not the problem. I went through the full setup for fedora c4 and did everything but set ispconfig to create CGI scripts under suExec so that shouldn't be the problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, can I change ispconfig to create CGI scripts under suExec after installation?

13th September 2005, 21:50
Problem was with DNS. I did not yet have the proper delegation for the host and domain name and just going by ip address won't work. Once I got the resolution fixed, all is well.