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14th November 2011, 00:31
Hi, I was adding a new static ip to the server. but I added it to my name sever and the IP that it added was for the main server so now its trying to add the ip address to both my nameservers and that is causing all sorts of problems. I know that this is my fault but I really need help.

14th November 2011, 09:19
You can not remove items from the datalog but you can skip them by setting the number in the "updated" field of the server where a item shall be skipped to the datalog_id number of the datalog entry that shall be skipped + 1

15th November 2011, 00:29
I do not understand. Can you provide me more detail? Or any reading material. I'd pay you to take care of it. Right now I have my cron jobs stopped so I can't do anything with the system. I have manually removed the IPS from the confi file for the OS and rebooted the servers to temp make it work. If I were to change the ip address of the master to another that way there wouldn't be a conflict would I be able to let it add the address and then remove it?

15th November 2011, 08:35
The sys_datalog table in the dbispconfig mysql database has a auto inct´rement field named "datalog_id". In the "updated" column of the "server"table in the dbispconfig database you find the last processed ID entry of the sys_datalog for this server. So if you set the "updated" number to a value that is above the IP address change, the change will be skipped on that server.

15th November 2011, 20:12
Thanks till I understand better now. I'm going to see what happends. After I make this change I need to remove the lock file and run sever.sh from the CL to start these jobs. I've had my root cron jobs stopped. for a couple days.

15th November 2011, 20:35
I changed the update ID on both the name servers to be past the ip address insert. They are not showing in the job queue now so I think were all good there. The other backed up items how long will it take before they start to process?

15th November 2011, 20:54
The other backed up items how long will it take before they start to process?

1 minute. If the other items dont show up anymore in the jobqueue, then the ID you inserted in the updated field was too high.