View Full Version : E-mail users can change password and away message

22nd September 2011, 15:21
We are missing a feature with ISPconfig3, so that individual e-mail account holders can log in using their e-mail address and their IMAP password and can change their password or set the holiday message.
The way it is now (through a client administrator) is not secure nor user friendly.

22nd September 2011, 15:58
You know that there is a mailuser interface for roundcube?


22nd September 2011, 19:12
Ok, seems to be the only solution, I found this summary for installation:

Does it also allow to change the password? Or could this be done with Sieve?

Our users already have a mail interface through Group-Office (which connects to ISPconfig mail users through IMAPauth and could be extended with Sieve Control).

5th January 2012, 23:58
I would find the feature for mailusers to be very needed.
I am using Nutsmail and cannot seem to find any working solution.
So it is not just for Roundcube a interface could be helpful.

10th January 2012, 13:44
Isn't nutsmail pretty much squirrelmail, so can it support squirrelmail plugins?