View Full Version : IMAPauth for Email aliases?

19th July 2011, 11:44
We are running ISPconfig3 and would like to connect several services against IMAP accounts (which is easier to set up than LDAP). E.g. GroupOffice is able to authenticate against IMAP (and creates GroupOffice users, if they do not exist yet).

However, most of our users only have an Email alias, which does not create an IMAP user in ISPconfig3, right? Users with a full Email account can configure that copies are sent, but they usually do not connect (and empty) their Email boxes.

Can we have either
1. Email Mailboxes with a forward option
2. Email Aliases with creating an IMAP user


19th July 2011, 12:13
1) You can do that already by inserting a redirect rule in the custom rules field of the mailbox.
2) Very unlikely that this will happem as this would mean a full rewrite of the email module as users are mailboxes in ispconfig.

19th July 2011, 16:33
Thanks for the hint.

This one-line script works fine in the custom rules field:
redirect "name@company.tld";

However, it seems that neither reseller nor client can add such a custom field.

FEATURE REQUEST: allow user to toggle between "send copy" (which is already available as an option), "redirect" and "do not forward" to the optional e-mail address field.

I also tried to simply reduce the quota AND copy mail to second destination, but in case of quota exceeded the copy is also not being sent :-(