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3rd February 2011, 12:16
Hello there, I am looking for a solution to interpret apache's access log files for each and one the domains I need to read.

I just wanna want to setup a small linux machine with apache2+php and what ever application needed to interpret log files generated in this format: 20100723-access.log .

I want to interpret them with awstats.

I've tried already with jawstats but didn't get it to work, i get this error

JAWStats cannot find any AWStats log files in the specified directory: /var/www/domain/log/
Is this the correct folder? Is your config name, intieme, correct?

The path is correct, files with this (20100723-access.log) format exists but it won't read it.

Hope some1 can help me with this "problem".


4th February 2011, 15:35
What Apache log format do you use? Can you post an excerpt from 20100723-access.log?

Did you read this tutorial? http://www.howtoforge.com/generating-web-site-statistics-with-awstats-and-jawstats-on-debian-lenny