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1st February 2011, 16:56

Weather we like it or not customers are asking for functions which are available in groupware software like :


If this is not possible, can there be made an integration for either one of the following :


Im aware that roundcube is also available for webmail, but it is only an webmail application.

If either phpgroupware or egroupware could be integrated, i would be a nice feature to offer customers.


MOgens Joergensen
Easy Webhost

2nd February 2011, 10:06
If anyone has the time to develop an authentication/autoregister plugin for a groupware I would vote for Tine 2.0.

2nd February 2011, 21:42
This project can be source some code to implement your ideas.



Look kyapanel code and try implement a module.

4th February 2011, 09:28
There are quite a few possible options here,

to name them in ranom order:

egroupware, phpgroupware, openexchange, zimbra, SoGo. and maybe others?.

let me say from starters, first and formost i will vote against at least OpenExchange, its a greate piece of software however it is also hard to configure right, it takes quite a heavy load on your server and most (if not all) your users not running thair own wont need al its features.

the second one id like to take of the list would be php groupware since egroupware would be the far better choice.

So now where down to 3, take your pick egroupware is php based (runs nicely on php5 with pear and some stuf borrowed from horde so i gues you coul say its kind of stable. the downside is that i feal its not so userfrendly. some users may not understand many of its features.
If i remember correctly though it may need some tweeks to have it run from either mysql or postgres.

The second option is also php based so thats favors it above zimbra in my book. it can easily be added like a module and it runs with the same services mysql an mail servers as ispconfig3. SoGO might be my prefered choice because it looks nice, and its features are presented in a userfriendly aproach. it should be tested first and it may not be for everyone but it has some great simulairities with for example webmail clients like roundcube.

You may want to think zimbra twice, its rock stable (most times) and i may not be so heavy loaded on your servers, but its a hard deal setting it up right and you may just not like it that much in the end. but zimbra and OpenExchange would probable be better of in a hosted Service (SaaS / Cloud ) enviroment.