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24th November 2010, 09:07
Hi. Lets's say we have 3 websites created in ispconfig 3 : a-website.com, b-website.com, and c-website.com. If I deactivate c-website.com, then all traffic coming for that site will be loaded with a-website.com. If I visit using just the ip address or the host server1.example.com, then all traffic goes to a-website.com. Obviously, the virtualhost files in /etc/httpd/conf/sites-enabled/ are being read alphabetically, and the first one is acting as a catch-all. I would like to be able to create a catch-all directory/site through the ispconfig 3 admin.

Of course, I can just create my own virtualhost in httpd.conf, but it would be nice to do it through ispconfig.

25th November 2010, 14:11
I've added this feature request to our bugtracker.

20th December 2010, 19:31
Default traffic that doesn't go to a named site goes to /var/www (in Debian at least). This can be rerouted to whatever site using an .htaccess file in that directory. Sites in ISPConfig could just have a DEFAULT SITE checkbox that output the code for the file.

Maybe using mod_alias. Something like...

<IfModule mod_alias.c>
RedirectMatch 301 ^/(.*)/$ http://example.com/