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13th October 2010, 13:58
There is new veeery needed option "backup" for sites in 3.0.3.

Firstly there is problem in CentOS 5.5 to enable it.
It create the directory /var/backup/webXXX correctly, but cannot create the file in there because (/var/log/secure):
Oct 12 00:31:30 hosting sudo: root : sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo ; TTY=unknown ; PWD=/var/www/clients/clientX/webXXX ; USER=webXXX ; COMMAND=$.

It is because default sudoers config is different than in debian/ubuntu.

The solutions is to edit file /etc/sudoers and hash line:
Defaults requiretty
# Defaults requiretty.

My suggestion is to add this info into the manual :)

And my second suggestions to this new feature:
- add database backup also (choosen from list of databases of current user/client)
- add possibility to show "backup" option to all clients (enable/disable by admin)
- admin can change the time periods that user can choose (for example i would like to setup that user choose making backup only 1 time per week or 1 time per month not every day)
- choose compression algorithm (zip, gzip, bzip2).

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13th October 2010, 15:19
That should be great!