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16th September 2010, 20:57

It would be really great if there would be IPv6 support in future versions of ISPC!


16th September 2010, 22:06
Allmost all parts suppoet already IPv6.

Email: 100%
DNS: 100%
Web: 50%

16th September 2010, 22:47
Oh, really?

How can I add an v6 IP?

16th September 2010, 22:58
The DNS manager has IPv6 buttons for that. For mail you dont have to add any IP's (neither ipv6 nor ipv4) and all current postfix releases support ipv6 and the * selector in the apache module works also fine for IPv6. The only thing that you can not use at the moment are IP based vhosts with ipv6.

3rd October 2010, 12:39
Sorry for the late reply.

I can't add an IPv6 because the input field is too short. See attached screenshot. The IPv6 I have to add has 4 more letters.

3rd October 2010, 14:01
This is the input field for IP based vhosts and thats the only part were IPv6 is not implemented yet as I explained above.

3rd October 2010, 14:05
Ok, so IPv6 support is complete useless for me ATM :(

3rd October 2010, 19:46
I've added an IPv6 vHost manually. Is this safe or is ISPConfig overwriting this with an update or cron?

4th October 2010, 18:29
If you've put this in a separate vhost file, everything's fine. :)

1st November 2010, 14:30
Hi falko,

I'm using this now for a few weeks and everything works perfect! :)

So my feature request: Add support for IPv6 based vhosts!

And: separate logfiles access.log and error.log for IPv4 and IPv6 access.

8th February 2011, 17:08
Since I use NameVirtualHosts and not IPbased virtual hosts, IPv6 works out of the box. VirtualHosting works for me.

What I'd really like is proper firewalling. Could the IPv4 firewall 'script' be extended to also cover IPv6?

Thanks :cool:

8th February 2011, 17:19
It is planned to add support for the UFW firewall scripts in ISPConfig 3.0.4. UFW supports IPv4 and IPv6.